This Afternoon's Odd News 6/4/18

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According to a new survey for National Cheese Day, America's favorite cheeses are cheddar, mozzarella, and American.  And the kinds we HATE the most are blue cheese, limburger, and goat cheese.  (National Today)

Here are some crazy things people have admitted to eating:  Shrimp tails . . . peanuts and pistachios with their shells still on . . . frozen burritos while they're still frozen . . . and date pits.  (Gizmodo)

Should you break up with someone who eats a Kit Kat bar whole, without breaking the sticks apart?  There's been a debate on Twitter and the answer seems to be . . . yes.  Anyone who eats a Kit Kat that way is unlovable.  (This Is Insider)

Google just released the most commonly misspelled word in every state this year, based on their search data.  And the top words are beautiful . . . résumé (which is here in NY as well as NJ) . . . and supercalifragilisticexpialidocious – folks in Texas for example have a problem with that one..  (cnet)

An off-duty FBI agent in Denver did a backflip on the dance floor of a bar on Friday night . . . but his gun fell out of his pants and then it FIRED and hit a random guy in the leg.  Fortunately, the guy is going to be okay . . . but charges may be coming against the agent.  (Buzzfeed(Here's a video of the backflip and gunshot.)

There's a woman in Australia who never washed off her mascara before bed . . . and after 25 years, she wound up with permanent BLACK LUMPS embedded in her eyelids. Doctors just surgically removed them, but she wound up with scarring on her corneas that's never going to go away. (Daily Mail) 

A woman in Wisconsin got away after a high-speed police chase last week.  But when the cops found her, she said that someone who looks exactly like her must've stolen her car.  For some reason, the cops didn't buy it and she was arrested.  (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel)

Researchers think they've figured out a way to find cancer super-early, just by doing a simple blood test.  They scanned people's blood for tiny pieces of DNA that get released by cancer cells.  And the test was 80 to 90% accurate for some types of cancer.  So someday soon, it could be part of a normal physical (CNN / LiveScience)

A real estate sign from New Jersey just showed up on a beach in France, more than five years after it got washed away by Hurricane Sandy. (Full Story)


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