This Afternoon's Odd News 6/1/18

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Today is National Donut Day. And according to a new survey, 91% of Americans either love or like donuts . . . and only 1% hate them. The most popular flavors are glazed and Boston cream. (National Today)

Teenagers don't care about Facebook anymore. According to a new survey, only 51% say they use it . . . and only 10% say it's their main social network. YouTube, Snapchat, and Instagram are MUCH more popular. (Pew Research Center)

A fashion company is selling CROCS . . . with built-in tube socks. And if you want 'em, they'll run you $140. (GQ)

43% of people say they're better than average at spelling, according to a new survey. Only 11% of people admit they're BAD at spelling. (YouGov)

A woman in Georgia named Sandra Bullock WON a primary for the Georgia House of Representatives last week . . . and she did it on name value alone, since she never campaigned. But she just decided to drop out for health reasons, so the guy she beat will get the nomination. (Atlanta Journal Constitution

Three people stole a guitar from a store in Seattle on Wednesday, and then they fled in two separate cars. But for some reason they started RACING . . . and then they crashed into each other. So the cops came and arrested them. (Patch)

A football team of 12- to 14-year-olds won the national championship in California on Monday . . . and on their drive home to Idaho on Tuesday, they stopped to save a couple whose Jeep rolled over. The team pulled out the guy, then lifted up the Jeep to rescue the woman. (Idaho Statesman)

A man smelled so bad on a Tansavia flight that other passengers were passing out. The plane was then forced to make an emergency landing. The man is not known to have any medical conditions, but passengers say he smelled like he hadn’t showered in weeks. Express

Two fifth graders in down in Stony Point, New York have proposed a homework ban to their school district because of the stress and its actually being considered


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