This Afternoon's Odd News 5/31/18

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The most common regret people have is they haven't achieved their dreams, according to a new study. So what's standing in your way? The top three answers are: Not being disciplined enough . . . money . . . and fear. (Bustle / PR Newswire)

There's a video making the rounds of a woman shamelessly shaving her legs at a hotel pool in Florida, and using the pool water to rinse the blade off. (Reddit)

An out-of-control truck near Toronto could have caused a crash and hit a bunch of pedestrians on Monday. But luckily, it stopped when it hit a JESUS statue outside a church. (CTV News)

Parents spend an average of $170-a-week to entertain their kids during the summer, according to a new study. Once they're back in school that drops to $66-a-week. (The Independent)

When someone cancels plans, are you disappointed . . . or relieved? According to a new survey, 53% of people say they're usually disappointed . . . but 22% are usually relieved. (YouGov)

A 41-year-old woman in Louisiana recently got 10 years in prison for lying on her RÉSUMÉ. She landed a $100,000-a-year job back in 2015 after she copied someone's entire résumé off LinkedIn, and got busted for fraud when they found out. (WGNO)

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