This Afternoon's Odd News 5/30/18

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About 20% of people say they're afraid to take lunch breaks because they're worried their boss will think they're not a hard worker, according to a new survey. And they might be right . . . 22% of bosses DO think people who take lunch breaks are lazy. (Forbes)

People who wear glasses really ARE smarter . . . and it has to do with genetics. A new study found that people who were more intelligent were 30% more likely to also have the genes that made them need glasses. (The Telegraph)

Here are the clothes people HATE the most, according to a new survey: Speedos . . . leather pants . . . and Crocs. (YouGov)

 A new study found that the best strategy for feeling better after a breakup is . . . eating your favorite foods. Sure, it won't help you get over your feelings for your ex, but the researchers found it will put you in a better mood overall. (Time)

The next big food might be COCKROACH MILK. Apparently there's a species of cockroaches that makes milk that's even more nutritious than cow's milk . . . and there are several companies working on bringing it to the market. (BGR)

A guy in Washington state could face charges after he set fire to an American flag blanket over Memorial Day weekend, and accidentally started a wildfire. (NBC News / Newsweek)

A woman got her doctorate in public health from Harvard last week. And her sixth-grade teacher was there to see it, because she PREDICTED it 21 years ago. She wrote a note on the girl’s report card praising her for being a good student, and told her to invite her to her Harvard graduation someday. (CNN /

The U.S. Geological Survey posted on Twitter that it's not safe for people in Hawaii to roast marshmallows over the scorching hot lava. (Full Story)

Update: A video went viral this week of a guy scaling a building in France to rescue a dangling toddler. You may have heard about the French Spiderman. Now it turns out the kid's dad wasn't paying attention . . . because he was busy playing "Pokémon Go". (Full Story)

There's a 114-year-old guy in South Africa who says he'd really like to quit smoking. But at this point, he's not sure he ever will. (Full Story)

Good News: On Memorial Day, a Junior ROTC cadet at a Braves game stood in the rain next to an empty seat they installed to honor POWs. Then some guy walked up and held an umbrella over him, and now a photo of it is going viral. (Full Story)

Science can now help you schedule your day at the office. Scientists have figured out that most people’s brains follow a neatly predictable pattern of cognition, which makes it easy to determine the best time of day to get things done like making calls, checking emails, etc. (Business Insider)


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