This Afternoon's Odd News 5/29/18

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According to a new study, if you want to LOSE WEIGHT, it could be as simple as chewing gum while you walk. The researchers found that people who chewed gum during a walk had higher heart rates, used more energy, and lost more weight. (Yahoo)

There's a new designer fashion item on sale that's a t-shirt . . . with an entire long-sleeve button-down shirt sewn on the front. And it costs $1,250. (The Sun) 

One in four women say they've shown up to a wedding and seen another woman wearing the same outfit, according to a new survey. And one-third of them say the other woman looked better in it. (Daily Mirror)

A new study in Italy found dentists can smell FEAR. And they're more likely to make mistakes when they do. (Daily Mail / New Scientist)

A guy in Florida was trying to hide from the cops last week . . . but for some reason, before he hid in a bush, he TOOK OFF his camouflage shirt. The cops spotted him and he got a warning for trespassing. (Northwest Florida Daily News)

The cops in Massachusetts pulled someone over last week for driving with their big cardboard sun shade covering their entire windshield . . . while they just peeked out of a little crack at the top. The driver got a citation for dangerous driving. (CBS 4 - Boston) 

A bunch of neighbors in North Carolina were sick of tourists using their private road as a shortcut to the beach. So just in time for Memorial Day, they voted to make it a toll road. (Full Story)

This might be eye-opening if you're a parent. A teacher in Louisiana asked her second-grade students to name an invention they DON'T like. And one of them said cell phones . . . because his parents are constantly distracted by them. (Full Story)

"USA Today" did a story on how to listen to all the stuff Alexa has recorded you saying. (Full Story)

Ellicott City, Maryland is outside Baltimore, and just got hit with a crazy flash flood for the second time in three years. The footage of water rushing through downtown is insane. (Full Story)

A 71-year-old woman recently went to Alaska and accomplished her longtime dream . . . of doing a headstand in all 50 states. (Full Story)

A 65-year-old guy in New York got arrested last Monday for spanking a waitress's rear end while his wife was in the bathroom. (Full Story)

Update: Remember the video last week of a cat clinging to the roof of a car that was doing about 60 on the highway? Fittingly, its name is "Rebel." And don't worry, it wasn't hurt. (Full Story)


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