This Afternoon's Odd News 5/25/18

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"Vegan" is the least appealing food term, according to a new survey. Other terms that make food less appealing include diet . . . sugar free . . . gluten free . . . and organic. (Newsweek)

According to a new survey, our keys are still the #1 item we misplace the most, barely edging out our phone. The top five are your keys, phone, sunglasses, umbrella, and your wallet or purse. (YouGov)

If you've never heard of GOAT YOGA, it's a yoga class with goats roaming around. Yeah. Anyway, a goat yoga class in Georgia was interrupted a few days ago . . . when one of the goats GAVE BIRTH. (Atlanta Journal Constitution)

About 10 years ago, the owner of a music store gave a woman a trumpet, because she couldn't afford to buy one for her son. Now the son is 21 years old . . . recently found a letter about it . . . and it inspired him to start a GoFundMe page to buy instruments for other underprivileged kids. (ClickOrlando)

A 64-year-old storm chaser in Missouri passed away because of a heart condition on Tuesday. And in his self-written obituary, he asked his friends to launch his ashes into a TORNADO. (Full Story)

The world's tallest horse recently got to meet the world's shortest horse. And the photos are pretty ridiculous. (Full Story)

A woman in Florida is facing charges for leaving her two young kids home alone. And her defense is she saw someone online claim there's no law against it. (Full Story)

There's a kid in Philly who used to be homeless, and bullies nicknamed him "Harvard" because his face was always buried in a book. But now he's getting the last laugh . . . because he's GOING to Harvard on a full scholarship. (Full Story)

A high school senior is suspended after listing his high school for sale on Craigslist. Detectives found no threat, but the school district is still considering it a threat. The student will also not be allowed to walk at graduation. (Fox 4)


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