Happy Memorial Day, check out the BEST of Odd News!

Enjoy the Memorial Day Weekend and check out the recent blogs here on my page filled with ODD NEWS. 

Stories from the past few weeks include: 

  • Keys are still the #1 item we misplace 
  • Have you've ever heard of GOAT YOGA? 
  • High school senior lists his high school for sale
  • 46% of us aren't happy with the temperature in our office
  • American parents invented 1,100 new baby names last year
  • People barely ever say "thank you" when someone helps them out
  • Some people don't want to know what hot dogs are made of
  • Profanity on a graduation cake? 
  • Woman lands "dream job" researching grizzly bears. . . then got MAULED by one
  • U.S. Postal Service scratch-and-sniff stamps
  • Whew, Hitler is NOT alive on the moon (???) 
  • What's the ideal number of people to be stuck in an elevator with? 
  • Move over Yanny/Laurel... here's "brainstorm" or "green needle
  • WORDS that were born the same year you were 
  • A barber in Brooklyn throws ungrateful customer through window 
  • and a TON more #OddNews!


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