Happy Memorial Day, check out the BEST of Odd News!

posted by Chris Marino -

Enjoy the Memorial Day Weekend and check out the recent blogs here on my page filled with ODD NEWS. 

Stories from the past few weeks include: 

  • Keys are still the #1 item we misplace 
  • Have you've ever heard of GOAT YOGA? 
  • High school senior lists his high school for sale
  • 46% of us aren't happy with the temperature in our office
  • American parents invented 1,100 new baby names last year
  • People barely ever say "thank you" when someone helps them out
  • Some people don't want to know what hot dogs are made of
  • Profanity on a graduation cake? 
  • Woman lands "dream job" researching grizzly bears. . . then got MAULED by one
  • U.S. Postal Service scratch-and-sniff stamps
  • Whew, Hitler is NOT alive on the moon (???) 
  • What's the ideal number of people to be stuck in an elevator with? 
  • Move over Yanny/Laurel... here's "brainstorm" or "green needle
  • WORDS that were born the same year you were 
  • A barber in Brooklyn throws ungrateful customer through window 
  • and a TON more #OddNews!



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