Congratulations! Jennifer Mullins, Q92's Teacher of the Month!

Ms. Mullins teaches geometry and algebra, which says something about how much she's loved, to be nominated by one of her students, Jenna Mazzacone, to be Teacher of the Month when what she teaches is MATH--not always a crowd pleaser.

Anyway, we certainly can see why Jenna nominated her.  She is charming.  Quoting from the nomination letter: "She is an amazing, caring teacher . . . she helps every one of her students and makes sure everyone understands before continuing . . .  she's a very big role model for me."  Doesn't that make you smile?  

Our visit was a surprise to Ms. Mullins (as you can see), and we received a warm welcome from the staff and students at Beacon High School.  (What a beautiful school, by the way!)  

Ms. Mullins received a number of gifts, including a $100 gift certificate from Cosimo's in Poughkeepsie, tickets to see "A Bronx Tale" on Broadway, and a $100 gift card from TEG Federal Credit Union to be used for something for her students.  

Jenna received gifts too, including movie tickets and admission passes for SplashDown Beach.  

The school year is drawing to a close and we'll make our final presentation in June.  

photo Joe Daily's Scrapbook


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