This Afternoon's Odd News 5/24/18

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A new survey found 46% of us aren't happy with the temperature in our office . . . 55% of women, and 35% of men. One in five of us have secretly messed with the thermostat. And 15% have gotten into an argument with a co-worker about it. (Career Builder)

The average person checks their phone 80 TIMES a day on vacation, according to a new study. And we're most likely to pull out our phone to take a photo or get directions. (New York Post)

American parents invented 1,100 new baby names last year. The most popular ones include Camreigh, spelled C-A-M-R-E-I-G-H. (Quartz)

People who sleep in on the weekends to catch up on some of the sleep they missed out on during the week are less likely to DIE YOUNG, according to a new study. (Washington Post)

Men are better at navigating than women, according to a new study. And it's because men are willing to take more shortcuts and improvise . . . while women are more likely to stick to the route they know. (Eurekalert)

People barely ever say "thank you" when someone helps them out. Researchers just ran a study that found that people didn't say "thanks" in SIX out of SEVEN cases. (The Guardian)

An elementary school student in Texas recently wrote a letter to the cops to thank them for pulling over her mom. Why? She felt it was good revenge for her mom taking her phone away and bragging about being a good driver. (UPI)

An 18-year-old junior firefighter near Pittsburgh was arrested on Monday for setting a building on fire, just so he could help put it out. Luckily no one was hurt, but he caused $150,000 in damages, and he's facing three felony charges. (Pittsburgh Tribune / WTAE)

Seven firefighters at a firehouse in Oklahoma recently became new dads in just over a year's time. One of the wives took a photo of them all posing together and it’s going viral. (CBS News / NY Post / Facebook)

It turns out the 77-year-old school bus driver in New Jersey who was involved in a fatal crash last week has had his license suspended 14 times. (Full Story)

A guy in North Dakota ran his first half-marathon on Saturday . . . lost track of how far he'd gone . . . and ran a FULL marathon by mistake. (Full Story)

Good News: The owner of a fish market in California recently bought a 70-pound octopus . . . just to save its life and release it back into the ocean. (Full Story)


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