This Afternoon's Odd News 5/23/18

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43% of Americans say they don't want to know what their hot dogs are made of, according to a new survey. And 33% say they don't eat hot dogs at all, mainly because they're afraid of the ingredients. (PR Newswire)

Apparently, the hot new food trend is "bowl food" . . . which is literally food in a bowl. Trendy restaurants . . . and even the royal wedding . . . put different foods together in a small bowl and now it's a thing. (Mashable / New York Times / BBC)

A woman in South Carolina tried to order a graduation cake for her son last week, but the bakery wouldn't write "Summa cum laude" . . . because they thought the middle word was profanity. So they gave her a cake that said "Summa [dash dash dash] laude" . . . and now they're offering her a refund. (UPI) 

A city in Florida sent out an automatic alert to cell phones on Sunday to let them know about a power outage . . . but the message warned people about ZOMBIES instead. The city says they're trying to figure out who messed with their text alert to make it say that. (Palm Beach Post)

A guy in Ohio put his loaded gun in his oven for safekeeping on Sunday . . . but his girlfriend didn't know and turned it on. And when the gun got hot enough, the bullets exploded . . . and two of them hit the guy. He was taken to the hospital and questioned by police, but they believe his story. (Warren Vindicator)

AARP just did a story on an 82-year-old woman in Japan who learned how to code last year, and made an iPhone game that's now been downloaded over 50,000 times. (AARP) 

Odd News Story Update: The 30-year-old guy who refuses to move out of his parents' house in New York had a court hearing yesterday. And a judge ruled that obviously they CAN kick him out. It's still not clear when he'll leave though. (Full Story)

A woman in Montana recently landed her "dream job" researching grizzly bears . . . then got MAULED by one last week. Luckily she survived. (Full Story)

KIND CRIMINALS A man broke into someone's house in Massachusetts this month . . . and was nice enough to make sure their dog stayed in when he left. (Full Story…and a guy in northern California stole a car on Friday . . . realized the person's dog was in the back . . . figured out where they lived . . . and left the dog in their garage. He did keep the car and crashed it though. (Full Story)


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