Some People Will Race Anything!

We don't suggest you try this at home, of course, but we never cease to be amazed by what can only be described as an insatiable craving for speed (and fun), which seems always to find yet another new way to express itself.  Here we have something new to us--Power Wheels Downhill Racing.  

These individuals, thankfully wearing helmets (you'll see why in the video), soup up toy jeeps, tractors, and toy race cars (some famous for the toy or animated stars that usually drive them), etc., and push off on a downhill course to a finish line which turns out to be a lot more difficult to reach than you might think.  This is an amusing video.  Somehow it makes me happy to know there are people out there who are so lighthearted that they would find this a worthwhile hobby.  Maybe you're even one of them!  (Good for you.)

photo Joe Daily's Scrapbook



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