This Afternoon's Odd News 5/21/18

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If you're bored with the Yanny/Laurel debate, there's a new audio illusion floating around . . . that either says "brainstorm" or "green needle." And you can actually influence what you hear by thinking of one of those words. (Huffington Post / Reddit)

Hasbro just announced that it has successfully trademarked the smell of PLAY-DOH. They describe the smell as a, quote, "sweet, slightly musky, vanilla-like fragrance, with slight overtones of cherry and the natural smell of a salted, wheat-based dough." I might've gone with "yeasty, sweaty feet," but hey, whatever you say, Hasbro. (BusinessWire)

25% of Americans in a new survey SAID they spend 21 to 24 hours a day indoors. But that's actually true for WAY more than 25% of us. Previous studies have shown the average person spends about 90% of their life inside. (WebCargo / USA Today)

Want to find out what WORDS were born the same year you were? There's a tool on Merriam-Webster's website where you put in your birth year, and it shows you what words were used for the first time. (Buzzfeed)

A teenager in Houston recently saw a woman in a wheelchair sitting in the sun while she waited for a bus with a wheelchair lift. So he grabbed an umbrella from his car, and shaded her with it for almost TWO HOURS until her bus got there. (ABC13)

A guy in Virginia was reported missing last month by his wife, and eventually the cops found him after a massive manhunt. But he kept changing the story of what happened, and it turned out he'd FAKED the kidnapping so he could run away with his mistress. Now he's facing a charge of lying to federal authorities. (NBC 4 - Washington D.C.)

A woman in Florida wanted to CUDDLE with her boyfriend last week, but it was 88 degrees out and he said it was too hot. So she ATTACKED him and trashed their house . . . and she was arrested for domestic battery. (The Smoking Gun)

A guy in New York told his barber he didn't like his haircut on Thursday . . . and the barber threw him THROUGH the front window of the shop. Then the barber ran off, and now the cops are trying to track him down. (NBC 4 - New York(And in more front window crime news, a woman drove her car through the front of a Boost Mobile store in East Ridge, Tennessee last week after she got into an argument with the staff about her new phone!)

A couple in England were planning a small, low-key wedding with about 30 guests on Friday. But it was in the same town as the ROYAL WEDDING, one day earlier. So there were huge crowds of people there, treating them like they were the opening act. (Full Story)

The CDC says it's finally safe to eat romaine lettuce again. (Full Story)


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