This Afternoon's Odd News 5/18/18

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Today is a made-up holiday called National No Dirty Dishes Day. And a new survey found the most popular finger foods you can order and eat without dishes: Pizza . . . French fries . . . chicken wings . . . tacos . . . and burgers. (National Today)

A new survey found 19% of us eat mac and cheese with a spoon . . .10% cut up spaghetti instead of twirling it . . . 22% eat string cheese without peeling pieces off . . . 7% go crust first with pizza . . . and 1% add ice to our cereal. (Buzzfeed)

A new study found you're more likely to relax and forget about work on vacation if you're more than 1,000 miles away from your boss. One in five people say they're more likely to check their email and answer work calls if they're closer than that. (SWNS Digital)

Would you rather earn $1 million . . . or be given $1 million? According to a new survey, 52% of people would rather be GIVEN the money. (YouGov)

There's a petition on that's going viral where people want to get rid of the word "no" and replace it with the more ambiguous term "yesn't." "Yesn't" apparently means maybe yes, maybe no. (Mashable / / Urban Dictionary

A guy in Wisconsin was standing on a corner last week with a sign that said "Will Work For Beer." And apparently he got a LOT of work, because the cops found he was DANGEROUSLY drunk. He was arrested for public intoxication. (NBC 4 - Milwaukee)

The Air Force got into a fire fight with the Taliban to push them out of a city in Afghanistan. Then they tweeted that the Taliban would've rather heard "Yanny" or "Laurel" than the sound of the guns from their fighter jets. But they quickly realized that blending a meme with a deadly operation wasn't in great taste, so they apologized. (Vox / CNN)

A 93-year-old guy in Ohio got his first ever hole-in-one last month on a 153-yard par three. Then his hip started hurting. So he went back to the clubhouse . . . announced it was his last round of golf EVER . . . basically dropped the mic and went out on a high note. (Zanesville Times Recorder)

The crew on a flight from Atlanta to Jackson, Mississippi asked if there was a doctor on board on Wednesday. And one of the passengers turned out to be the SURGEON GENERAL, Jerome Adams. He tweeted that the patient is "doing well." (Full Story)

If you just had a kid, brace yourself. Because 18 years from now, four years of college will cost an average of $184,000. And at a private school, $303,000. (Full Story)

If you happen to have a LOT of cash burning a hole in your pocket, there's an $85 MILLION condo for sale in New York that comes with a free trip to space. (Full Story)

There's a 79-year-old guy in Michigan who got the wrong date on his birth certificate when he was born . . . April 23rd, instead of the 21st. And he finally got it fixed recently. Then he played both sets of numbers on a lottery ticket last week . . . and hit the jackpot for $1.9 MILLION. (Full Story)


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