World's Fastest Shed Travels Over 100 MPH!

Yes, I said SHED--not the one in this picture, though.  This one is probably more like the one you might have, which sits very sedately in your backyard, housing your lawn mower, rakes, grill accessories and various pieces of highly prized junk.  But THIS ONE, below, has been retrofitted by shed racer, Kevin Nicks, to take him to the hardware store in a big hurry.  The whys, like "why would anyone do this," and "why with all the trouble he went to, did he not paint the shed a nice color" and "why didn't I think of this" I can't answer.  

This past weekend, Kevin broke his previous record by driving his shed at 105 mph.  This happened in England you may or may not be pleased to know.  

Congratulations, Kevin Nicks.  

photo Mary Boerner



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