This Afternoon's Odd News 5/16/18

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There's an audio recording going viral right now where a computer generated voice is either saying "Yanny" . . . or "Laurel." And apparently there are a few factors that influence what you hear, including things like how well your speakers play lower frequencies. (Mashable / Buzzfeed)

86% of dog owners say they'd dump someone who didn't like their dog, according to a new survey. And 78% say they're more likely to date someone if that person also has a dog. (New York Post)

The cops in Germany got a call about a loud argument on Monday. And it turned out to be . . . a guy in a shouting match with his girlfriend's parrot. (Metro)

When people are stressed out, they handle bad news BETTER, according to a new study. The researchers found that when stressed out people got bad news, they did a better job of breaking it down and figuring out how to cope with it. (Daily Mail)

A 47-year-old woman at an engineering company in Michigan found out a co-worker she hated was leaving their job this month. So she baked them brownies for their last day and laced them with LAXATIVES. But one of her other co-workers told on her. So they never ate them, and she ended up getting FIRED over it. (

A guy in California broke into a law firm earlier this month . . . and then stopped to DANCE. The security guards got great footage of him dancing . . . and the cops quickly tracked him down and arrested him. (Fresno Bee

There's a former student from an elementary school in Greensboro, North Carolina who owns a travel agency now. And for Teacher Appreciation Day last week, they gave the entire staff $96,000 worth of vouchers to take their families on a free vacation. (WFMY)

Researchers in the Netherlands have uncovered two hidden pages in the diary of Anne Frank that contain NAUGHTY JOKES. (Full Story)

A group of high school kids in Wisconsin pulled off a pretty good senior prank the other day. They took the back half of an old car, and made it look like it had crashed through the wall of their principal's office. It looked so real from the outside of the building, even the cops were impressed. (Full Story)

A motion-activated security camera in Michigan recently took a photo of what looks like an ANGEL. Or more likely . . . it's just a blurry picture of a moth. (Full Story)

There's a 64-year-old bus driver in Cleveland who's now driven over a million miles without causing an accident. (Full Story)

There's a guy on Hilton Head Island in South Carolina who regularly wears a chicken suit, and stands on the side of the road trying to get people to stop speeding. And he recently got fined for wrestling an ALLIGATOR that wouldn't get out of the road. (Full Story)

A couple from Cambodia recently got arrested for killing and eating several endangered species in order to get more YouTube hits. (Full Story)

Some squirrels in northern Michigan decided to hide about 50 pounds of pine cones under the hood of someone's car. (Full Story)

A group of researchers in California just received a $213,000 grant . . . to study cow flatulence. (Full Story)


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