This Afternoon's Odd News 5/15/18

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Today is National Chocolate Chip Day. And according to a new survey, 57% of Americans love chocolate chips . . . 2% hate them . . . and milk chocolate is by far the most popular type. (National Today)

Almost half of people say they've screwed up on their first day at a new job, according to a new survey. And some of the most common ways are forgetting people's names . . . going to the wrong place . . . or being too overdressed or underdressed. (AOL)

A new survey found the average parent only gets 21 minutes of "me time" a day . . . eats 156 meals a year standing up . . . and feels less-than-great 84 days a year because they're sick or tired. (SWNS Digital / NY Post)

Here are the latest weird jeans on sale. A company out of England is selling jeans that have the lower half of the rear end totally ripped out. They're selling them for $34. (Mashable) 

A health club in England just started offering a workout program that lets you watch TV while you run outdoors . . . by strapping an iPad to your trainer's back. So as long as you keep up with him, you can watch your show. (Daily Mail) 

Here are the top three things women wish they could've changed about their wedding, according to a new survey: Their dress . . . the venue . . . and the number of guests. (New York Post)

A woman in Sweden got a tattoo a few years ago of her son's name . . . but instead of "Kevin," the tattoo artist accidentally wrote "Kelvin." So . . . the woman legally changed her son's name to Kelvin to match the tattoo. (The Local) 

A guy in Florida was having a few cocktails with his mom to celebrate Mother's Day, and when his dad tried to cut him off, the guy shoved his dad. The cops came, and that made the mom so upset she ALSO shoved her husband. So both the mom and her son were arrested for battery. (NBC 8 - Tampa) 

An older lady in South Carolina showed up at a Ruby Tuesday on Mother's Day to have lunch by HERSELF. Then the staff found out her estranged son hadn't called her. So they put a gift bag together . . . paid for her entire meal . . . and another customer even gave her a rose. (WMBF)


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