Plagued All Saturday by Robocalls

Remember back in the day, when there was no such word as "robocall?"  Well, the reality is we are all plagued by these unwanted and sometimes potentially dangerous calls.  Saturday we received six phone calls from the same caller that we are quite sure were phishing calls.  It's so easy to see why people are taken in, because these unsavory persons go to great lengths to create the impression that they are legitimate, and then further lengths to scare you to death about something like "security breaches," etc., etc.  

Well, I did some resesarch.  While it would seem (please tell me if I'm wrong), there isn't much you can do about calls that come to home phones, like the one on my desk, pictured here, except not answer them, there are quite a few things you can do to eliminate these calls on your cell phone.  

By the way, don't bother calling me at the number posted on this phone--it's Jim Rockford's TV phone number.   

photo Joe Daily's Scrapbook



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