This Afternoon's Odd News 5/10/18

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40% of us think our mom has pretended to like a Mother's Day gift she hated, according to a new survey. The most common fake response is a simple "thank you," so it really depends on HOW she says it. And the average person will write 43 words in their Mother's Day card, which is roughly two or three sentences. (SWNS Digital)

A new survey found the most "magical" moments in a person's life. And the top three are: Hearing your child's first word . . . getting married . . . and having a baby. Also on the list, passing your driving test! (Daily Mirror)

Here are some results from a new survey on how much women love shoes: 72% own more than 21 pairs . . . 70% have asked a stranger where they got their shoes . . . and one in three have hidden a shoe purchase from a significant other. (PR Newswire)

Couples who split CHORES more evenly have more romance than other couples, according to a new survey. But most couples DON'T have an even split . . . and the average woman does six more hours of housework per week. (New York Post)

Warning: Don't wear yoga pants for an MRI. Because when the magnetic imaging meets the Lycra and spandex, it can actually BURN the pants right onto your skin. (Marketwatch)

A new study out of Australia found that sharks have surprisingly sophisticated taste in music, and they're drawn to things like jazz and swing. So, in theory, if you're playing that music, there's a higher chance you'll attract a shark than if you play other music. Leave Duke Ellington and Frank Sinatra off your iHeartRadio playlist if you’re on the ocean! (The Sun)

A guy in Georgia stole a 55-inch TV from a Walmart last week . . . and as he walked home with it, he asked two COPS for a ride. But they realized he'd stolen it, and he was arrested for shoplifting. (Columbus Ledger-Enquirer)

A group of knuckleheads in Arizona intentionally drove their SUV into Lake Havasu on Saturday to win a bet. Then the cops showed up to help tow them out, and arrested one of them on an outstanding warrant. (KVOA)

A garage in Indiana caught fire Tuesday while seven dogs were trapped inside. But first responders got them all out. They had a bunch of special oxygen masks for dogs that someone donated a while back, and managed to save ALL of them. (NWI / Fox59)



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