This Afternoon's Odd News 5/9/18

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Complaining at work is GOOD for your mental health and actually makes you better at your job, according to a new study. (New York Post)

Entenmann's is looking for a new "Chief Donut Officer," and if you get the job, they'll pay you $5,000 and give you a year's supply of donuts. You can apply online by telling them how you'd help spread the love of their donuts. (Thrillist)

Google is about to start experimenting with a new app that makes phone calls FOR YOU. They've created a bot with artificial intelligence that can call places, make appointments, and carry on surprisingly natural conversations with the people on the other end. (Google Blog / Mashable)

7-Eleven just started testing cans that COOL themselves. You twist the base of the can and it uses carbon dioxide to cool it down, no refrigeration required. There's no word on when they could start selling them nationwide. (Foodbeast)

A woman in Florida called 911 twice last Friday and she had the same emergency both times . . . she said she needed BEER. She wound up getting arrested for misusing 911. (Tampa Bay Times) 

A 42-year-old guy in Pennsylvania who lives with his mom hit her with one of his LIGHT SABERS a few weeks ago. And he was arrested for misdemeanor assault and harassment. (The Smoking Gun)

A 91-year-old guy at a drive-thru in Indiana got angry at a guy in front of him on Monday for taking too long. So he ended up pulling out a gun and firing a WARNING SHOT. And now BOTH guys are facing charges. (IndyStar)

There's an old study making the rounds again that found the average worker in the U.S. works more hours than a PEASANT did in medieval times. (Full Story)

The "Washington Post" just did a story on an Air Force colonel named Bruce Hollywood who was adopted in Japan in the 1960s. And when he tracked down his birth mother, he found out she knew his name because his adoptive mother sent her a baby photo . . . and she owned a restaurant that she NAMED after him. (Washington Post)


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