This Afternoon's Odd News 5/7/18

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Mother's Day is this weekend. 76% of people are planning to get their mom a gift, which is up from 70% last year. And the top things that moms want are a nice dinner . . . flowers . . . or a gift card. (PR Newswire)

Should you shower in the morning or at night? According to experts, it's better to shower at NIGHT . . . it cleans all of the sweat off your skin and it can help you sleep better. (Seventeen)

A new study found that when you use two spaces after a period instead of one, it makes it slightly easier to read what you wrote. But two spaces after a comma make your stuff harder to read. (Washington Post)

If you want to remember something, stop talking. A new study found that if you just take in experiences and go 10 minutes without saying anything, you'll remember them more vividly and thoroughly. (Medical Xpress)

A woman in Florida went to the ER last month when a ROACH crawled into her ear. And it took nine days and three doctors to finally get all of the roach parts out of her ear canal. (Self / Fox 13 - Tampa

Scientists in Scotland just created a contact lens that shoots LASER BEAMS from your eyes. Right now it's only a low-powered laser . . . but you can only imagine where technology like this could go in the future. (Newsweek)

There's a 96-year-old World War Two veteran who just got his degree from the University of Toledo in Ohio. It turns out he'd gotten enough credits in the late '40s to earn an associate's degree, and he got it on Saturday. (FOX 8 - Cleveland)

Now THIS is a day: On April 28th, a guy in Vancouver celebrated his birthday . . . the first day of his retirement . . . and he won the lottery. (Full Story)

A new survey of UK dentists, which could easily translate here, asked dentists to reveal the most uncommon questions they get from patients. They include: Why do I have to brush my teeth when my dog doesn’t have to? And …can you take one of my teeth from the back and put it in the gap at the front? (The Daily Mail)


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