Cousin Brucie's 20th Rock 'n' Roll Weekend Celebration!

It was a weekend-long celebration of everybody's favorite cousin and radio legend, Cousin Bruce Morrow, at Mohonk Mountain House.  Starting Friday night, everybody danced, sang, and shared memories of an era of music that was the backdrop and context of everyone's cultural and personal history.  Pictured above is Cousin Brucie himself, who, it seems, just never ages.  I think the music keeps everyone young!  

One of the many activities during the weekend was the Mohonk Mystery Music Game, which I enjoyed hosting.  Some of these contestants knew more about the music and artists than I did!  (Which is really saying something!)  And, if you look closely, through the windows behnd the contestants you can glimpse the gorgeous mountain terrain surrounding the lake.   

People come to this event every year, plus there are always newcomers, including a whole new generation of young fans of this great music.  I even ran into a few regular Q92 listeners.  And, what always just amazes me is that, just like at many of the regular ongoing events we do here at Q92, by Sunday morning everyone seemed to feel like one big happy family.  Lots of promises to meet again next year.  Just wonderful.  

Thank you, Shawn Rice and Mohonk Mountain House, for inviting me to join in the fun again this year!  Except I think I gained about three pounds.  (TOTALLY worth it.)

photos Isaac Boerner


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