This Afternoon's Odd News 5/4/18

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70% of Americans plan to celebrate Cinco de Mayo tomorrow, but only 10% of us know WHAT we're celebrating. The most common answer in a new poll was that it's Mexican Independence Day, which is wrong. Just 1 in 10 knew it's actually the anniversary of Mexico's victory over France at the Battle of Puebla in 1862. (National Today)

Here are the five chores we hate the most, according to a new survey: Cleaning the toilet . . . cleaning the oven . . . washing the windows . . . removing hair from the drain . . . and unclogging the sink. (Yahoo News)

Here's a big Internet debate going on right now: Does the "H" in the acronym "IMHO" stand for HONEST or HUMBLE? There's a poll on Buzzfeed right now and honest is leading humble at about a 60-40 split. (Buzzfeed)

Here are the latest DUMB JEANS on sale. They're called "extreme cutout" jeans and basically the entire legs are cut out . . . so it's just a waistband, pockets, and a few strips of denim. And they cost $168. (UPI

An ice cream company just created a flavor that uses big chunks of PORK ROLL. It's also flavored with French toast and maple syrup because they realized if it was JUST pork ice cream it'd be, quote, "gross." (UPI)

A guy in England found his dog was missing last week, and he realized an Amazon delivery driver had STOLEN it. He eventually got Amazon to pay attention to his complaint, they retraced the driver's steps, and now the guy has been reunited with his dog. There's no word on whether he's planning to get the cops involved. (Daily Mail

A high school in New Jersey set up a sting operation to catch a MYSTERY POOPER who'd been going # 2 outside near their football field every morning. And it turned out it was another school's SUPERINTENDENT. He'd been going for jogs on the school's track each day, and doing his business out in the open. ( / Asbury Park Press)

Sign of things to come? The women's ping-pong teams for North and South Korea were supposed to play each other at the world championships yesterday. But they decided to COMBINE their teams instead, and play the rest of the tournament together. (Reuters)

A guy in North Carolina recently hit the lottery for $100,000, and used a big chunk of it to buy himself a helicopter that he didn't know how to fly. And on Wednesday, he CRASHED it in his front yard. Luckily he's okay though. (Full Story)


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