This Afternoon's Odd News 5/3/18

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According to a new survey, the average worker spends 26% of their day "disengaged" . . . a.k.a., slacking off. And 1 in 5 blame their BOSS for it. 19% say they'd be more engaged at work if they had a better boss. (Accountemps)

Today is National Paranormal Day. And according to a new survey, four out of five Americans believe in ghosts, including 35% of people who've seen one . . . and 4% of people say their house is haunted. (National Today)

Photo of the Day: A Poorly-Phrased Dedication on a Park Bench Is Going Viral proving that sentence structure matters. The dedication says, quote, "In loving memory of Nicole Campbell, who never saw a dog and didn't smile." The most common response on Twitter? Someone really should've showed her a dog at some point. (Some eCards)

Kraft is launching new Oreo flavors in China that they think will do well over there . . . including things like CHILI and CHEESE. Yes, cheese flavored cream with chocolate cookies. There's no word on whether they're going to bring these flavors to America, but, you know, no rush guys. (AdAge)

A couple in Florida got married on Sunday . . . but then, a few hours later, after they celebrated with some drinks they got into a BRAWL with each other! Now they're both facing battery charges. (The Smoking Gun) 

A guy in Ohio got out of prison last month for robbing a bank . . . and the next day, he robbed that SAME BANK. He got caught, so now he's facing robbery charges . . . again. (Cleveland Plain Dealer) 

A 68-year-old guy in Vermont was arrested on Monday after his smoke detector went off . . . and he silenced it by blasting it twice with a SHOTGUN. (AP / Newport Dispatch) 

A bunch of flat-Earthers had a conference in England over the weekend. And a speaker suggested that the reason boats and planes don't fall off the "edge" of the Earth is because they TELEPORT back to the other side like Pac-Man. (Full Story)

Now that girls can join, the Boy Scouts are dropping the word "Boy" from their name. The new official name will be Scouts BSA. The "BSA" still stands for Boy Scouts of America. But they probably figure people will just say "Scouts." (Full Story)

A Walmart shoplifter in Massachusetts recently tried to muffle the alarm on an anti-theft device by wrapping it in Play-Doh. But it didn't work, so he dropped it and ran off. Then cops were able to track him down . . . because the Play-Doh he left behind had a clear fingerprint in it. (Full Story)

A new study looked at how much the average parent spends on their kid each year. And there's a HUGE difference depending on which state you live in. The lowest is Montana at just $2,000. The highest is North Carolina at over $17,000. If you were wondering here in the great state of New York we spend just over $13,000 per child. (Full Story)

A hiker in Massachusetts recently texted his wife and told her he was staying one more night at his hotel. But the text didn't go through. So she got worried and reported him missing. Now they might have to pay thousands of dollars to cover the cost of the search-and-rescue mission. (Full Story)


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