This Afternoon's Odd News 5/2/18

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Taking a selfie or any other photo every day and posting it on social media improves your WELLBEING, according to a new study. The researchers found that the process of taking and posting photos keeps you motivated, sharp, and engaged with your friends and the world. (New York Post)

There's a new feature that's coming to Facebook soon called "Clear History" that will let you completely scrub your information from their site . . . and from any apps that are still accessing it. (Bloomberg)

Facebook just announced they're launching a new DATING feature soon. You can choose to turn your profile into a dating profile . . . and then they'll find you potentially good matches with other single people who you aren't already friends with. (CNBC)

Budweiser has a new beer called Freedom Reserve Red Lager, and it's based on a recipe written by George Washington in 1757. It uses real molasses, which isn't very common in beer today, and it's on sale from now through the end of September. (People)

The cops in Pennsylvania got a call a few weeks ago about a woman running through traffic. It turns out she has something called mechanophilia, which is an attraction to VEHICLES . . . and she was chasing the cars because she was into them. She's not facing any charges. (The Smoking Gun)

A 26-year-old guy in Massachusetts recently joined a Facebook group about the island of "Jersey" in the English Channel, thinking it was about "NEW Jersey." Then someone over there thought it was funny . . . raised over $1,600 online to FLY him and his girlfriend over . . . and they basically got a $15,000 vacation for free. (Boston Globe)  

A 29-year-old guy in Massachusetts got shot while allegedly breaking into a house on Sunday. And the homeowner had a sign out in front that said, quote, "Never mind the dog . . . beware of OWNER." (Full Story)

A new study found that taking a long nap in the middle of the day makes your brain more likely to create false memories. So you think things happened that didn't actually happen. (Full Story)

Want your kids to be fluent in a foreign language? Get them started by age 10, according to a new study. And definitely no later than 17 or 18. (Full Story)


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