This Afternoon's Odd News 5/1/18

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Here's a new theory on why you might get along with your coworkers: COFFEE GOGGLES. A new study found that when you drink coffee, it makes you feel more positively about the people you're talking with. (PsyPost)

Would you take less money than your coworkers to have your DREAM JOB? According to a new survey, 65% of men and 55% of women would do it. (Moneyish)

A new poll found the top superpowers we wish we had are invisibility, flight, time travel, teleportation, and the ability to super heal. (SWNS Digital)

A guy in California had a four-day jail sentence last week for a DUI . . . but on the second day, he ESCAPED over a razor wire fence. The cops found him and took him to the hospital for his razor wire injuries . . . and now he's looking at up to a YEAR in prison for felony escaping. (San Francisco Chronicle

A guy in North Carolina broke into his female neighbor's apartment over the weekend and only stole ONE thing: A pair of jean shorts. We're not sure WHY he stole her jorts, but he's facing one felony charge of first-degree burglary. (CBS 17 - Raleigh

A video of a girl surprising her prom date by WALKING for the first time in 10 months is making the rounds online. She lives in Utah, and she's been suffering from something called conversion disorder following a surgery she had last summer. (NY Post)

A guy from Poland tried to drown himself in a pool in Virginia two years ago. Now he's SUING the cops who saved his life, because he says they should have saved him faster. (Full Story)

Someone posted a map that shows the literal translations of different city names around the world. Like "Rio de Janeiro" means "River of January." And "Tijuana" means "By the Sea." (Full Story)

A photographer in Florida recently got a shot of a bird carrying a small shark in its talons. And the shark has a fish in its mouth. So it's a bird carrying a shark, carrying a fish. (Full Story)


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