This Afternoon's Odd News 4/30/18

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27% of people in a new survey claimed they NEVER LIE. Another 18% said they lie about once a year . . . 14% said every couple months . . . 18% said a couple times a month . . . 11% said multiple times a week . . . 6% said once a day . . . and another 6% said several times a day. (National Today)

There's a photo going viral on Twitter that might show what's happened to all your MISSING SOCKS. A landlord opened up the bottom panel on a washing machine . . . and found a compartment down there that's just PACKED with socks. (ABC News

Apparently, wealthy women are now hiring PSYCHOLOGISTS to help them shop. They cost at least a few hundred bucks an hour, and they help people find clothes that make them feel good MENTALLY. Or something. (New York Post)

A guy in Oregon with an outstanding warrant tried to flee from the cops last week on a motorcycle with license plates that said "XFELON." Eventually they caught him and he was arrested on several charges. (Springfield Register-Guard

A guy in Nova Scotia, Canada robbed a restaurant on Friday, and then tried to get away on a FERRY. But he was busted when the cops got the ferry to turn around. (Canoe)

Instagram Has Banned Wildlife Selfies - The site is taking steps to remind users about the abuse animals face when people take selfies with them. USA Today

*LIST* The 80s Fashion Trends You’ll See This Summer  Some of the summer’s biggest fashion trends could be getting their cues from the decade of excess including: Puffy sleeves, shoulder pads and Bike shorts. Elite Daily

A guy gets busted selling poisonous snakes on social media: Police in Connecticut have arrested a man for selling poisonous snakes  after receiving a tip from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service that he was selling the snakes on social media. (Full Story)

A man in Illinois was letting his friend test drive his new Chevy Camaro and the guy drove it into a river this past Friday Night.  Police say the friend "wasn't able to handle the power" and lost control. They believe the car is totaled but the two inside were not injured. Police say the car was purchased just two days before. (Full Story)


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