This Afternoon's Odd News 4/26/18

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According to a new survey on our snacking habits, 69% of us prefer salty over sweet . . . 34% of us eat in bed . . . 24% store snacks somewhere other than our kitchen . . . and 66% of us are more likely to have a snack if we're having a bad day. (Delish)

You've probably heard the term "helicopter parent" by now.  It's where you over-parent your kids, and don't let them make mistakes or figure stuff out for themselves.  And now the original helicopter parents . . . baby boomers . . . are at it AGAIN. There's a new term called "helicopter CHILDREN," and instead of trying to control your kids' every move . . . you do it with your elderly PARENTS. (Full Story) 

Amazon has a new Echo Dot for KIDS that acts like a virtual babysitter. It entertains them if they're bored and teaches them to say "please" before it'll respond. It's $80 and comes with a case that makes it harder to break. But you'll be able to access the same features on your normal Echo Dot too. (Full Story) 

The University of Utah just got a "cry closet" installed in the library . . . where students who are stressed about finals can pop in and cry it out. (Mashable

If you REALLY want to remember your vacations, you shouldn't take pictures . . . you should DRAW pictures, according to a new study. That's a more immersive experience that helps you connect with what you're seeing and feeling. (The Sun)

A woman got in a serious car accident in Hawaii last year, and afterwards she noticed her eyeliner hadn't run when she was crying. And she was so impressed she told that story in a review . . . and even posted a selfie from the hospital. And now the review is going viral. (Huffington Post

A woman in Ohio was pretty sure she was going to fail a drug test last year, so she used someone else's urine . . . but it wound up testing positive. She was in court this week and she was sentenced to 18 months in prison. (NBC 9 - Steubenville)

A 20-year-old guy in Georgia who was adopted as a baby recently found out his biological brother lived 15 minutes away . . . went to the same college . . . and even had the same major. And now they get to hang out a couple times a week. (Today)

A woman in England was walking her dog recently, and thought it dug up a potato. So she took it home . . . and it turned out to be an old GRENADE. (Full Story)

Four people got hit by a car and were seriously injured in D.C. on Tuesday. But it could have been worse. There's a video of a bunch of bystanders running in and LIFTING the car off of them. (Full Story)

Schools in England have started replacing their old clocks with digital ones, because kids don't know how to read a clock with minute and hour hands. (Full Story)

Beer + Yoga = “Broga” An Australian hotel is offering "broga" classes in its bar. The class combines drinking beer, while doing yoga. The restaurant says the class promotes physical and mental health. (Full Story)


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