This Afternoon's Odd News 4/25/18

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72% of us use horrible clichés at work, even though we know better, according to a new survey. The most common ones are: Give 110% . . . think outside the box . . . and hammer it out. (Fox News)

A new survey found the top five conversation buzzkills that can crush your chances on a date are negativity . . . talking too much . . . bringing up controversial topics . . . using cheesy one-liners . . . and using big words just to seem smart. (PR Newswire)

Here's why you can't keep up with your kids. According to a new study, kids are naturally just about as fit as PROFESSIONAL ATHLETES. The researchers found their muscles basically don't get tired, and they also recover incredibly quickly. (Eurekalert)

What's the best day of the week to have your birthday? According to a new survey, 43% say Saturday . . . 16% say Friday . . . and 0% say Monday. (YouGov)

Amazon just launched a new service where they'll deliver packages right into your car's TRUNK . . . you know, if you're cool giving them that kind of access. For now it's only available for people with Volvo and GM cars in big cities. (The Verge)

A guy in Ohio was busted for driving while intoxicated on Sunday when people spotted him driving on only three tires. And where was he going? To get some pizza. (ABC 5 - Cleveland

A guy in Detroit was threatening to jump off a highway overpass yesterday. So police got 13 truck drivers to park their trucks side-by-side underneath it. Then they managed to talk him down, and no one was hurt. (Fox2Detroit)

A cop in Ohio accidentally tased a firefighter last week, and apologized on Saturday by giving him a cake that said, "Sorry I tased you." (Full Story)

A couple's wedding photos are going viral, because one of the groomsmen flipped an ATV in the background. (Full Story)

A pregnant woman in Australia recently posted a Facebook photo of a baby wombat she found on the side of the road. It looked like a giant, hairless rat. Then one of her friends said congratulations . . . because they thought it was her baby. (Full Story)

Some kids in Michigan were playing in a high school golf tournament last weekend when they were attacked by a GOOSE. And one kid in particular got the worst of it. Luckily for us, there are photos. (Full Story)

A new survey finds that about 25% of children six and under actually own their own mobile device

A third of parents say they bought their kid a phone because they asked for it, while 20% did it to keep them entertained. (Full Story)


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