This Afternoon's Odd News 4/24/18

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44% of people say they've gotten REVENGE on a coworker, according to a new survey. And that includes everything from spreading a rumor about them to getting them FIRED. (USA Today)

Your marriage DOESN'T peak when you're newlyweds, according to a new study. Researchers found that couples who make it 20 years are even HAPPIER, because they develop an even deeper appreciation of each other. (The Independent)

Have you ever left the room because your partner was snoring? According to a new survey, 31% of people say yes . . . and women are more likely to have left than men. (YouGov)

Forget boxed wine . . . a company just rolled out new BOXED LIQUOR. They've got vodka, tequila, and whiskey on sale right now in six states, and it should be available in more places soon. (Esquire)

A new survey found over a third of us work out specifically so we can overindulge and eat more JUNK food. The top foods we work out for are chocolate, cake, and pizza.

A website just figured out the odds of seeing a UFO in every state, based on sightings in the past. You have the best chances of spotting one in Wyoming and Vermont . . . and the worst chances in Florida and Texas. (Raleigh News & Observer(Here's a map with the odds for every state.)

A guy in Florida got into a fight with his boyfriend on Sunday . . . and he wound up throwing his Big Mouth Billy Bass SINGING FISH at his boyfriend's HEAD. He was arrested for domestic battery. (The Smoking Gun) 

A guy in Florida brought home divorce papers last week . . . and his wife responded by SHOOTING at him. Fortunately she missed, and she was arrested for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. (North Escambia) 

Cops in Madagascar went looking for the source of a terrible stench earlier this month. And they found a house filled with almost 10,000 rare TORTOISES that a group of people were planning to sell on the black market. (Full Story)


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