This Afternoon's Odd News 4/23/18

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If a friend needed a place to stay temporarily, how long would you let them stay? 22% of people in a recent survey said up to a week. That was the most popular answer. 1% said up to a YEAR. And this is crazy - 9% said INDEFINITELY. (YouGov(Of course, if you took advantage of them like that, they might not consider you a "friend" anymore and kick you out!)

According to a new survey, the most attractive jobs a guy can have are chef, engineer, entrepreneur, something in marketing, and something artistic. And the hottest jobs for women are hairdresser, nurse, lawyer, entrepreneur, and teacher. (Independent)

A city in China is waiving fines for minor traffic violations. But only if the person confesses on SOCIAL MEDIA . . . tells other people not to do it . . . and gets more than 20 likes. (South China Morning Post / Newsweek)

A new survey for National Picnic Day found our favorite picnic foods are sandwiches, fried chicken, watermelon, potato salad, and chips and dip. (National Today)

A 45-year-old woman on a flight from London to Salt Lake City doused other passengers with coffee on Thursday . . . overturned a drink cart . . . and then jumped on an air marshal's back. She's facing assault charges. (Fox News / KSL)

A three-year-old girl in rural Australia went missing overnight for 16 hours last week. Then her family found her two miles away the next morning, and she was totally fine . . . because their 17-year-old deaf dog stayed and guarded her all night. (

The world's oldest person passed away in Japan on Saturday at the age of 117. She was the last living person born in the 19th century. (Full Story)

A 20-year-old guy from Colorado survived a shark attack in Hawaii last Thursday. And it's not the only recent brush with death he's had. He also got attacked by a BEAR last summer, and bitten by a RATTLESNAKE a few years ago. (Full Story)

A guy ran the London Marathon yesterday in 2 hours and 36 minutes while dressed as Forrest Gump. And he set a world record for fastest marathon time while dressed as a movie character. (Full Story)

A 20-year-old woman in Texas was "fooling around" and play fighting with her boyfriend last Tuesday when she apparently got carried away and bit his EAR off. (Full Story)

A woman from Colorado says she was given a free apple as a snack during her flight home from Paris recently. But she put it in her bag instead of eating it. Then U.S. Customs fined her $500 for smuggling it into the country. (Full Story)

A high school teacher in California is on administrative leave after bringing a BAZOOKA to school earlier this month to show off to students in his history class. (Full Story)


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