This Afternoon's Odd News 4/19/18

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A new study found the average American starts SWEARING by 10:54 each morning, and we experience 1,205 stressful events a year. Money is the #1 thing that stresses us out. And the top way we deal with stress is by listening to music. (SWNS Digital)

A new study found working in a tall building can affect how you do your job, because we make riskier decisions when we're up high. Possibly because it makes us feel more powerful, so we're more confident about taking risks. (EurekAlert)

Today is National Garlic Day, apparently. And according to a new survey, only 12% of people say it's okay to have GARLIC BREATH . . . the most popular garlic food is garlic bread . . . and only 3% of people say they don't like garlic at all. (National Today)

How do you multitask while you eat dinner? According to a new survey, 55% of people watch TV . . . 45% talk to the people they're eating with . . . 12% check social media . . . and 7% do NOTHING, they just eat in silence. (YouGov)

A new survey asked people what types of humor they think are the funniest. Observational jokes came in first . . . and "bathroom humor" came in last. Also, 7% of people say that they don't find ANYTHING funny. (YouGov)

The last person to finish the Boston Marathon this year was a mom who's beaten cancer three times. She had to stop for a while after showing signs of hypothermia. But then she ran 11 more miles and finished just after midnight. (CBS / WHDH(You can still donate at here's video of her finishing.) 

Almost seven months after Hurricane Maria knocked out power in Puerto Rico, the entire island had ANOTHER power outage yesterday. A contracting company's excavator got too close to a power line and caused it. As of last night, they were expecting to get power back sometime today. (Full Story)

We see stories like this every year, and they never get old. An 18-year-old kid in Texas just took his mother to prom, because she had him when she was 17 and missed hers. And another kid in Pennsylvania just did it too. (Full Story) 

A serial robber in Brooklyn was finally caught Monday after an alert community member called cops, who responded and found the masked suspect toting a glue gun wrapped in black electrical tape (Full Story)

The American Lung Association just put out its annual "State of the Air" report. And eight of the ten smoggiest cities in the U.S. are in California with the tri-State NY NJ & CT coming in at #10. (Full Story)

A guy in Michigan caused a five-car pile-up on Tuesday, then got out of his car . . . took off all his clothes  and started dancing in the street. Unfortunately one person was seriously injured. (Full Story)

And here's a prom story we HAVEN'T seen before. A girl in Georgia who wants to be a funeral director drove to her prom on Saturday in a hearse . . . and showed up lying in a CASKET. (Full Story)


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