This Afternoon's Odd News 4/18/18

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Yesterday morning, as people were scrambling to pay their taxes, the online payment section of the IRS's website CRASHED. At first the IRS said you were STILL penalized if you paid late . . . but eventually they decided to extend the deadline until midnight TONIGHT. (CBS News / IRS)

Well this absolutely stinks! The average age when you START becoming an old person is 41, according to a new survey. And the top signs it's happening are: You start forgetting people's names . . . losing your hair . . . and feeling stiff. (The Sun)

According to a new study, the higher your salary, the more STRESSED you are. 68% of people making over $200,000-a-year have high stress, versus less than half of people who are making under $100,000. (LinkedIn)

NOT SMILING doesn't make people think you're cooler, according to a new study . . . it actually makes them think you're LESS cool. (Moneyish)

Researchers in England have been studying an enzyme that evolved to eat plastic and break it down. And they accidentally created a MUTANT version that does it even faster, and starts to break it down within days. The hope is that it can be used to fight pollution in our oceans. (PNAS / CNN / Fox News)

Think airplane seats are too cramped? A company in Italy has created a new STANDING seat design, so airlines could jam even more passengers in. It supports some of your weight, but you'd basically be standing the entire flight. (Full Story)

Cops in Georgia are looking for a guy who was caught on video breaking into a GameStop recently. And he tried to hide his identity by covering his face with a clear plastic wrapper he got off a package of bottled water. (Full Story)

Good News: North and South Korea might be in talks to officially end their war that's technically been going on since 1950. The fighting ended with a truce in 1953, but not a peace treaty. (Full Story)

A new study found mice in New York City carry at least six new viruses that have never been seen before, and antibiotic-resistant bacteria that could KILL you. (Full Story)


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