This Afternoon's Odd News 4/16/18

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A woman in Indianapolis went on a date with a guy earlier this month and afterwards stopped communication with him… kind of a one and done . . . then last week, she got an INVOICE for $40 from him in the mail to pay for her part of the date. She tweeted a picture of it, and it's going viral. (Some eCards) 

Honeymoons are OUT. The new trend is to take "many-moons" . . . where instead of taking one long trip to celebrate your wedding, you do a bunch of shorter trips together. (Yahoo Lifestyle)

A restaurant in North Carolina is selling a burger with a whole, oven-roasted TARANTULA as a topping. (Full Story)

Chili's is testing a new 1,700-calorie cheeseburger that includes five different types of meat piled on top of each other. It's a half-pound beef patty, topped with bacon, jalapeno-cheddar smoked sausage, rib meat, and smoked brisket. (Full Story)

A guy in Florida wanted to prove he hadn't caused a car accident a few weeks ago, so he gave the cops the footage from his dashboard camera. And it DID clear him for the accident . . . but it also showed him ROBBING a beauty supply store. So now he's facing burglary charges. (Palm Beach Post

A guy escaped from prison in Oklahoma in 1981 and he's been on the run for the past 37 years. But he just got caught after his mom died, and his new fake name and location were in her obituary. (NBC 4 - Oklahoma City

Some guy stole a bunch of cash from a travel agent's office last month, and loosely shoved it into his pockets. Then he went outside, and there's a video of the wind blowing it out of his pockets and all over the road. (Full Story)

A new survey found only 26% of Americans think they'll be able to retire by the time they're 65. That's down from 29% three years ago. And 37% of us think we'll still be working in our 70s. (Full Story)

The Ice Bucket Challenge raised $115 million for ALS four years ago. Now the "Lemon Face Challenge" is raising money to fight a type of brain cancer called DIPG. You just record your reaction while eating a lemon wedge . . . challenge someone else to do it . . . and donate to a group called Aubreigh's Army. (Washington Post / Mashable)


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