Whoops....Don't Make These Cooking Mistakes!

Seems we may be cooking some of our meals wrong!  Here's some help when it comes to cooking:

Tomato Sauce - don't add sugar (why would you), there's enough sugar in tomatos / Pasta - don't over cook it, needs to be a little firm / Scrambled Eggs - if it seems you're overcooking it, that's because the eggs trap heat and even cook when they're out of the pan / Garlic - when trying to brown garlic, it happens quick and you can burn it in seconds / Bacon- if you're still frying it up in a pan....try baking bacon in the oven in a foil lined pay at 400 degrees for 15 minutes / Asparagus - don't chop it, whoops....break it at the right spot to get rid of the woody base!  THIS is so useful for me, hope it is for you!

Photos courtesy, gettyimages.com


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