This Afternoon's Odd News 4/11/18

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Dogs are the most popular pets in America, according to a new survey. Cats are second, fish are third . . . and TARANTULAS came in 10th. (National Today)

There's a picture going viral right now that shows a bunch of blobs of colors . . . but if you stare at it, they DISAPPEAR. It happens because of the way your eyes adjust to things when you look at them for a while. (Huffington Post

Do onion rings and chicken nuggets make good pizza toppings? There's a shop in England that's selling pizzas with them on top . . . but there aren't any reviews on how they taste. (Daily Mirror

A woman in Canada called 911 from a casino over the weekend . . . because she'd lost all of her money and didn't have a way of getting home. Then a stranger gave her $20 . . . but she ran back inside to gamble with it. The cops say they didn't hear from her again after that. (

A burglar kicked in a house's backdoor in South Carolina earlier this month . . . but only stole TWO chicken nuggets. They were valued at $1 . . . but there was $100 in damage to the door. (The State)

A guy in Virginia just won $200,000 in the lottery almost exactly 14 years after he won 200 grand on ANOTHER lottery ticket. And once again, he's dividing it up and giving each of his family members a chunk. (UPI)

A tourist in the Italian Alps is lucky to be alive after he had a little too much at a bar . . . tried to walk back to his hotel . . . and hiked up the side of a MOUNTAIN instead. (Full Story)

Here's your daily dose of irony. A shoplifter in Jackson, Mississippi went to Target on Monday, and walked off with a $200 home security system. (Full Story)

A 44-year-old mom in Florida is in the news, because she has 16 kids that she home schools . . . and she drives them to 88 sports practices a week. (Full Story)

The Environmental Working Group just released its list of the fruits and vegetables that are covered in the most pesticide. Strawberries are #1 again, followed by spinach, nectarines, apples, and grapes. (Full Story)

A 94-year-old wealthy gentleman in Wales died recently, and left his wife of 42 years NOTHING in his will. But now a judge says it was too mean, and ruled that she should get a private cottage they owned, plus about $270,000. (Full Story)

A town votes to ban balloons, fine violators up to $200. Balloons won't fly anymore in New Shoreham, Rhode Island. The town council there voted unanimously this week to say goodbye to balloons for good due to concerns about the environment. (Full Story)


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