This Afternoon's Odd News 4/6/18

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As someone who does the dishes, this first story caught my eye: According to a new study, your entire relationship hinges on who does the dishes. Seriously. The researchers found that women do more chores around the house, but the dishes BREAK their spirit . . . so when their partner handles them, those couples are happier, more stable, and they have better interactions… if you know what I mean. (The Atlantic / Uproxx)

Everyone's so desperate to extend their childhood DEEP into their 20s and maybe even 30s today that they needed a word to describe it when they actually do ANYTHING to act like a grown-up. And that's how "adulting" was born. Here are the top signs of "adulting," according to a new survey: Having a steady job . . . being financially independent . . . paying a bill on your own . . . and paying rent. Get the full top ten (New York Post)

A new survey found 41% of women think clean-shaven is the most attractive look for guys . . . and 25% of guys who've had a beard or mustache or CURRENTLY have one agree. (YouGov)

If you always suspected your parents had a favorite child, you just might be right. A quarter of parents admitted they have a favorite in a new survey . . . and more than half of them say it's their youngest child. (Daily Mail)

Two kids in California tried to buy beer last week using a classic trick . . . one of them sat on the other one's shoulders, and they wore a giant trench coat. But they didn't do a great job on the disguise, and the clerk turned them down. (San Francisco Chronicle(This reminded me of when two teenagers tried to do the same thing at a movie theater showing "Black Panther" a couple months ago. Search the Twitter page of @SteveLikesCups. Here's a longer version.)

The owner of a gas station in New Jersey got a $30,000 check for selling a winning lottery ticket worth $521 million last Friday. And instead of keeping it for himself, he's splitting it with his employees. (ABC7 / UPI / / Mega Millions)

A 41-year-old woman from Minnesota got her seventh DUI this week in Illinois, and it's also the seventh STATE she's gotten a DUI in. This time she got busted after someone saw her trying to fill up her tank with kerosene instead of gas. (Full Story)

A cat in England got stuck up a tree for three days last week. Then someone rescued it . . . and it immediately ran up another tree. (Full Story)

Tomorrow is National Beer Day. And not surprisingly, a new survey found it's by far the most popular thing people order at bars. The top five drinks are beer, margaritas, wine, cosmos, and gin and tonics. (Full Story)


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