This Afternoon's Odd News 4/5/18

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A new survey found out the top ten hardest driving maneuvers. #1 is parallel parking, followed by reversing into a spot . . . reversing around a corner . . . making a three-point turn in the middle of the road . . . and pulling forward into a spot. (???) See the full list here (Accident Advice Helpline)

There are two versions of the lowercase g . . . the simple one you learned to write as a kid, and the fancier one you see printed in books… a circle on top connected to an oval on the bottom. And . . . a new study found almost on one knows how to write the fancier one from memory. (Time it has a picture of the regular lowercase g and the fancy one.)

The best age of our lives was NINE, according to a new survey. It also found 67% of us really miss our childhoods, and three things we miss the most are school vacations . . . the summers . . . and playing outside until it got too dark. Check out the rest of the top ten things we miss from childhood here (Shemazing)

A woman in Washington did an DNA test last year, and she found out her father was ACTUALLY her parents' fertility doctor. It turns out he'd suggested some help for getting pregnant…but didn't say it was going to be help from HIM . . . so now she's suing him for medical negligence and fraud. (Daily Beast / Time / USA Today)

A couple in Oregon recently sent one of their wedding invites to the wrong address. So the person mailed it back to them . . . along with a note that said congratulations . . . and 20 bucks as an early wedding gift. (KVAL)

The mayor of a town in France is facing some backlash over a bad April Fools' Day joke. The town is in a pretty poor area, and she pranked people by claiming a new IKEA was opening up, with 4,000 new jobs. (Full Story)

Facebook now says data on MOST of its 2 billion users could have been accessed improperly. They also upped their estimate for Cambridge Analytica from 50 million users to 87 million. And Tinder users are also angry, because a Facebook privacy update temporarily locked them out of their accounts yesterday. (Full Story)

A 38-year-old woman in Florida had her ex-boyfriend over for Easter dinner on Sunday, and asked him to fix a leaky pipe in the bathroom. Then she dumped GAS on him and set him on FIRE. He survived, but suffered some serious burns. (Full Story)

Someone's been raising money on Kickstarter for a saxophone-harmonica hybrid called a Saxmonica. (Full Story)


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