Congratulations John Renzo, Q92 Teacher of the Month!

You could tell right away how loved by the student body is Mr. Renzo!  Everyone--students, teachers, staff and special guests--turned out for the assembly where Michelle and I presented Mr. Renzo with the Q92 Teacher of the Month Award.

Pictured above with Mr. Renzo is the student who nominated him, Brett Buono.  His letter recommending his teacher included these words: "Mr. Renzo . . . pushes us to keep going, even when we feel that something is impossible to complete, and he has always been a nice, understanding teacher." 

Mr. Renzo, besides the obvious gratitude and appreciation so freely expressed by everyone there, received from Q92 a number of gifts, including movie tickets, a $100 gift certificate from Cosimo's in Poughkeepsie, Broadway tickets for the new show, "Summer," and the Teacher of the Month Plaque.  Also presented was a $100 gift card from TEG Federal Credit Union to be used for something for the whole class.  Brett received a backpack containing a number of prizes.  

It is always such a pleasure to recognize and honor some of the very special teachers here in the Hudson Valley!  If your child would like to nominate his or her teacher, you'll find all the information here.  

photo Joe Daily's Scrapbook


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