This Afternoon's Odd News 4/4/18

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What would you give up for a 10% raise? According to a new survey, 40% of people would give up all dental care . . . 35% would give up their right to vote . . . and 12% would break up with their significant other. (New York Post)

According to a new survey, 52% of us have gotten angry at work and LOST IT on someone. And 45% of us have CRIED at work before. (PR Newswire)

It's harder to lose weight right now than EVER before, according to a new study . . . and it's because of all the technology we have today. Things like Netflix keep us on our couch . . . Uber keeps us from walking . . . and food delivery keeps us from cooking healthy meals. (PR Newswire)

A new study ranked every state by STRESS, based on everything from unemployment to divorce rates. The most stressed states are Louisiana and New Mexico . . . and the least stressed are Minnesota and North Dakota. (WalletHub(Here are the full rankings. NY was mid-pack at #26)

A guy in Australia got stabbed in the back during a bar fight last week. But before he went to the hospital, he ordered ANOTHER BEER, and drank it. And he says he doesn't want to press charges against the guy who stabbed him. (Courier Mail)

A woman in Phoenix was arrested on Easter when she couldn't get her 16-year-old son to wake up for church . . . so she TASED him on the leg. She's facing child abuse charges. (ABC News) 

An 18-year-old at Central Michigan University saved a squirrel that fell in a fountain last Tuesday. And she used a CPR tip she learned from watching "The Office" that said to do compressions to the beat of "Stayin' Alive" by the Bee Gees. (Central Michigan Life / Huffington Post) {Here's the scene from "The Office".)

A 16-year-old kid in Newark led police on a high-speed chase through a golf course on Saturday. And when they finally caught him, he started singing the theme from "Cops". (Full Story)

A mom in Michigan named Sherry McFail recently got two days in jail for not sending her kids to school. (Full Story)

According to a new study, eating pasta three to four times a week can help you lose weight. (Full Story)

A bunch of cops in Ireland responded to a report about a SNIPER who'd set up on a beach the other day. But it turned out it was just a guy with a bunch of photography equipment. (Full Story)

A 24-year-old woman in New Jersey drove while intoxicated and smashed into two parked cars on Saturday. Then she switched seats with her friend, who was also inebriated . . . and the friend hit two more cars. (Full Story)


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