This Afternoon's Odd News 4/3/18

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According to a new study, people who deleted Facebook had lower stress levels after five days than people who kept their accounts. But . . . they DID miss the little dopamine bursts you get when someone likes your posts. (The Daily Dot)

Here are the most popular comfort foods in America, according to a new survey: Pizza . . . burgers . . . fried chicken . . . French fries . . . and pasta. You can see the full Top 10 list. (PR Newswire)

According to a new survey, 2% of Americans fully believe the Earth is FLAT, not round. And another 14% said they're not sure. (YouGov)

A 29-year-old guy in Vermont somehow confused a police cruiser for a pizza delivery car on Sunday . . . walked up to get his pizza . . . and got arrested for an outstanding warrant. (WCAX)

A guy in Florida was upset a few weeks ago when some roofers' work interrupted his argument with his girlfriend. So he SHOOK the roofers' ladder . . . then fired two shots at them. Fortunately he missed, and the cops tracked him down a few days later and arrested him. (WTF Florida

A guy in Ukraine shipped himself inside of a crate last month so he could steal stuff out of packages in the delivery truck. But he never came up with an exit strategy, so the driver wound up catching him when he tried to run out. He got a two-year suspended sentence for theft. (Kyiv Post)

A couple in Kentucky who got divorced 50 years ago recently reconnected at a family reunion. Now they're getting REMARRIED next Saturday. And one of their grandkids is a minister, so he's doing the ceremony. (Lexington Herald Leader)

China's space station fell back to Earth on Sunday night, as expected. But it did NOT land on anyone or crush anything. It re-entered Earth's atmosphere over the Pacific Ocean, and most of it probably burned up before it hit the water. (Full Story)

According to a new study, it's possible that life exists on Venus, even though the surface is over 800 degrees. A group of scientists think tiny microbes might be able to survive in the clouds where it's not so hot. (Full Story)


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