Easter Egg Hunts Ends. Six Still Missing

We were running a little short on time, so, against our better judgment, remembering how it went last year, we did NOT make a list of all the hiding places we chose for the 30 plastic eggs, each containing a quarter.  We DID take care not to hide them in difficult places.  Or so we thought.  The whole house was thoroughly searched (following the special Egg Hunting Safari Instructions I gave Kaylee and Jack, as pictured below).  Even the adults got in the act.  Six eggs remain at large.  

At least they're not real eggs.  Although, if they were real eggs, we'd eventually zero in on them, probably one hot afternoon in July.  We are used to these sorts of mysteries at our house, so we're just letting the whole thing go until the eggs do (or don't) eventually show up.

photos Joe Daily's Scrapbook


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