This Afternoon's Odd News 3/30/18

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What are the best and worst candies to get in your Easter basket? According to the website Thrillist, the best is giant chocolate bunnies . . . and the worst is white chocolate. (ThrillistYou might not want to let your kid eat ALL the candy from their Easter basket in one sitting. There could be over a MONTH'S worth of sugar in there. (Full Story)

Over 99% of people say that drivers using their cell phones are a THREAT to their safety, according to a new survey. But the number of people who admitted to using their phone while THEY'RE driving – despite saying it’s a threat - is still UP 46% since 2013. (PR Newswire)

A new study at the University of Kansas found it takes 50 hours of hanging out to become "friends" with someone, instead of just acquaintances. It takes 90 hours to become REAL friends, and at least 200 hours to become "close" friends. (Phys.orgI also found a Friend Calculator (Check it out here.)

Scientists have finally proven why we can crack our knuckles. It's because there are microscopic bubbles that form when we move our joints, so when we pop a bunch of them at once, it makes a cracking sound. (Nature)

A new study figured out the quickest way to get over your embarrassment when you PASS GAS in public. And it is: Put yourself in the other people's shoes, and think about how much empathy they have toward you in this humiliating situation. (LiveScience)

A woman in Florida thought she was sick from some bad Chinese food on Sunday . . . but it turned out she had no idea she was 37 weeks pregnant and in LABOR. So she called 911, her baby was born in the back of an ambulance, and now they're both doing well. (Pensacola News Journal)

Who would you be willing to give a kidney to? According to a new survey, 38% of people would only give one to a family member . . . 22% would donate one to ANYONE in need, even a stranger . . . and 12% wouldn't give one to anybody. (YouGov)

There's a new job opening at Netflix for an "Editorial Analyst." And the job description basically sounds like you'd just binge-watch Netflix all day. (Full Story)

Some guy's proposal photos are going viral, because he made a huge sign on the side of a hill that said, "Marry Me." And the girl's dad stood off in the distance with his own sign that said, "Say No." He was just joking though. (Full Story)

A midwife in the U.K. recently helped deliver a woman's baby . . . then revealed she'd had an affair with the woman's HUSBAND. (Full StorySo yes, the husband is now going through a MIDWIFE crisis. (Rim Shot!)

A woman in India was having stomach pains recently. It turned out she had 2,350 GALLSTONES. But that's not even close to a record. Back in 1987, an 85-year-old woman in England had over 23,000 of them removed. (Full Story)

A British soccer player recently had his new $350,000 Ferrari delivered, but wasn't home. So he asked his brother-in-law to sign for it. Then the brother-in-law took it out for a joyride . . . wrapped it around a TREE . . . and caused about $130,000 worth of damage. (Full Story)


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