This Afternoon's Odd News 3/29/18

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A new study found the most popular Easter candy in every state this year. Cadbury Crème Eggs won 12 states, and Peeps won five . . . but lots of other candies won at least a few states, from Reese's eggs to Godiva bunnies. (Mashable)

As Opening Day happens for Major League Baseball today - A new study looked at how much it costs to be a fan of all 30 baseball teams. The most expensive teams for fans are the Cubs, Red Sox, and Yankees. The cheapest are the Angels, White Sox, and Rays. (Check out those rankings here.) ( / FHM / Forbes)

What's more infuriating: Someone not holding a door open for you . . . or someone not thanking you for holding it open for them? According to a new survey, 74% say not getting the "thank you" bothers them more. (YouGov)

A woman in Florida accidentally left her car idling in drive on Tuesday . . . and it rolled into a swimming pool with her husband and daughter inside. Fortunately they're all okay. (Facebook

Apparently, the hot new beauty trend on Instagram is dying your eyebrows green and then gluing little flowers to them. They're called garden eyebrows. Cool? (Mashable

Dwelling on your failures will make your life BETTER, according to a new study. It turns out when people really focused on their regrets, they made smarter decisions in the future. (New York Post)

A 46-year-old guy in North Carolina called 911 last Thursday . . . said he was Jesus . . . that he'd finally returned to Earth . . . and that he'd just broken into a Pizza Hut to eat pizza and drink Mountain Dew. (WCMH)

A shoplifting prevention supervisor at a Kohl's in Connecticut was arrested a few months ago . . . for shoplifting. She'd stolen $55,000 worth of stuff over the course of two years, and she just pleaded not guilty to larceny. (Norwich Bulletin)

A couple lottery stories: A guy in Virginia recently promised his wife he'd stop buying lottery tickets. Then he bought one anyway last Friday . . . and won $4 million. (UPI / VALotteryAlso a girl in Canada bought her first lottery ticket to celebrate turning 18 this month . . . and won a thousand dollars a week for life. (Full Story)

A 34-year-old guy in Florida tried to steal money from a church drop-box on Saturday . . . got his arm stuck . . . and had to be rescued by police. (Full Story)

A bunch of animal rights people have been protesting outside a restaurant in Toronto, because they recently put up a sign that said, "Venison is the new kale." Then last Friday, one of the owners finally got sick of it . . . and while they were outside, he started butchering a DEER in the front window. (Full Story)

A woman in Pittsburgh is facing a hefty fine after police say she faked a pregnancy and being ill to get a ride to a Westmoreland County hospital, which is in her hometown. (Full Story)


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