This Afternoon's Odd News 3/27/18

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A new study found that the secret to happiness is using the Internet every day. And it's especially true as you get older . . . because the Internet helps us feel more connected to the world and our friends. (Daily Mail)

Still keeping your New Year's resolutions? No? According to a new survey, only 4% of people are still keeping theirs perfectly . . . and only another 14% are mostly keeping them. (YouGov)

A waiter in Canada was fired back in 2016 for being RUDE. And now he's filed a discrimination complaint . . . because he's French, and he says being rude is part of their culture. (CBC)

A woman on Staten Island attacked her ex best friend's NEW best friend at a PTA meeting on Saturday, and she was arrested. Then the next day she threw a brick through her ex best friend's house and got into a shootout with the cops, where she was hit in the shoulder. She's facing several charges. (NBC 4 - New York

An SUV got caught in floodwaters near L.A. last Thursday, then flipped over and ended up on its roof. And there's a video of a random guy risking his life to smash one of the windows and pull the driver out. (CBS LA / NBC Los Angeles(Here's the video.)

A San Antonio couple's wedding photo is going viral, because the guy secretly had a scary CLOWN pose in the background. And his wife didn't find out until he showed her the picture on their anniversary a year later. (Full Story)

A bunch of candy-filled eggs were dropped from a plane at an Easter event in Arizona the other day. Now health officials are warning people not to eat the candy . . . because it was a crop-dusting plane that hadn't been washed out. And some of the eggs may have been covered in crop-dusting chemicals. (Full Story)

A guy with the last name Dangle recently got arrested in Pennsylvania for indecent exposure. (Full Story)

A snake in Australia recently needed surgery after it slithered into someone's house and swallowed a slipper that it mistook for a furry animal. (Full Story)


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