This Afternoon's Odd News 3/20/18

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A new survey found that each hour of cleaning you do per week is associated with a 53% boost in overall happiness. 80% of people feel more relaxed when their home is clean. 77% feel more focused. And 72% sleep better. (

Einstein Bros. Bagels just created a new shampoo that smells like EGGS and a conditioner that smells like BACON. So if you want your hair to smell like breakfast all day, you can get both for $10. (Delish)

All 14 members of an Iowa high school's graduating class from 1958 are still alive. And according to the "Des Moines Register", the odds of that are astronomical . . . about 1 in 177 MILLION. (???) (Full Story)

Here's a hot new social media trend. People are sharing selfies from six years ago, which is when selfies REALLY started becoming a "thing" . . . and they're also posting a current selfie for comparison's sake. (Mashable)

A woman in New York pulled up to a jail security booth last week . . . but she was SO inebriated she thought it was a drive-thru and tried to order a breakfast sandwich. She was arrested for driving while impaired. (Riverhead News-Review

A random woman in Seattle paid over $600 the other day to buy all the Girl Scout Cookies two girls were selling outside a grocery store. And she asked them to hand them out to strangers for free. (KIRO)

The police in Seattle caught a shoplifter at Costco last week because he's robbed the store before and ALWAYS takes the same emergency exit door. So this time, the cops waited by that door and arrested him when he walked out. (UPI(Search "Seattle Costco waiting" on YouTube to see a video of the arrest.)

A little kid's inspirational note for his dad is going viral because of how he ended it. The full note says, quote, "You are a hard worker. You can make the world a better place. And if you work harder . . . you can buy that game I want." (Full Story)

A 30-year-old guy from Long Island was arrested on Monday for leaving the scene of an accident. And it turned out his license had already been suspended 26 times. Then on the same day, a 41-year-old from Long Island got pulled over for an expired inspection sticker. And his license had been suspended 76 times. (Full Story)


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