This Afternoon's Odd News 3/19/18

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American coffee drinking is skyrocketing. 64% of adults say they now drink a cup every day. Back in the mid 1990s, it was under 50%. (Yahoo)

Little Caesars offered to give a free pizza and drink to everyone if a number 16 seed beat a one-seed in this year's NCAA tournament. And then . . . for the first time in history, it HAPPENED on Friday. So now on April 2nd, you can get free lunch at Little Caesars. (Delish)

A woman in China took a 20-hour train ride last week, and she was lying on her side the entire time, staring at her phone. She eventually fainted . . . because BLOOD CLOTS had formed on her brain. Surgeons were able to remove the clots and now she's recovering. (The Sun

A guy got pulled over in England last week and when the cop asked for his license, he gave her a HOMER SIMPSON novelty license. It turns out he actually doesn't have a real license . . . or insurance . . . so his car was impounded and he's facing charges. (Huffington Post

While students were participating in the National School Walkout last week, a janitor in South Carolina used the opportunity to go through their book bags . . . and steal $180. The school quickly figured out what happened, they fired her, and she was arrested for petty larceny. (CNN

The U.S. Mint released its first ever pink coin last Thursday to benefit breast cancer research. And on the first day, they raised $4 million. (USA Today / Coin News)

A grandmother in Canada is going viral, because one of her grandkids gave her a snowball as a birthday gift 11 years ago, and she still has it in her freezer. (Full Story)

A 63-year-old guy from Romania was officially declared dead in 2016, because his family hadn't heard from him since 1992. Now it turns out he's alive, but he missed the deadline to appeal. So the ruling is final, and he's officially deceased. (Full Story)

A 19-year-old bank robber in Indiana was arrested last Thursday after he took a taxi to and from the bank, and used some of the stolen cash to pay for it. (Full Story)

A judge in Oregon accidentally locked herself in a courtroom earlier this month and didn't have her phone. So she used a bench as a battering ram to try to break out, and caused about $3,000 in damages. (Full Story)

Update: There was a story last week about a woman in Arizona who got a DUI on her way to her own wedding. Now she claims it's not true. She did get a DUI but wasn't getting married. Her dress just happened to look like a wedding gown. (Full Story)

President Kennedy was supposed to give a speech on the day he was shot in 1963. Now a group of sound engineers have recreated it using his REAL VOICE by piecing together over 100,000 clips from other speeches he gave. (Full Story)


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