This Afternoon's Odd News 3/16/18

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Nine out of ten people say they've, quote, "MADE IMPROVEMENTS" to their significant other, according to a new survey. The main ways we've changed them are: Making them cleaner . . . helping their fashion sense . . . and helping improve their diet and exercise habits. (New York Post)

60% of Americans plan to celebrate St. Patrick's Day this year, and the average person will spend about $40. (Wallet Hub / Forbes / Thrillist /)). Only 8% of people say they're planning to get smashed tomorrow, according to a new survey. 83% of people who celebrate will do so by wearing green. (National Today / Wallet Hub)

The top ten things left behind in Ubers last year were phones, wallets, keys, clothing, glasses, purses, backpacks, e-cigarettes, headphones, and IDs. (Uber)

84% of men and 77% of women still have at least one STUFFED ANIMAL from their childhood, according to a new survey. And more than a third of them still CUDDLE with that stuffed animal. (Life Storage)

Here are three new things to worry about. 26% of people have had a health issue because of the chemicals in their deodorant. A study found 90% of bottled water has tiny plastic particles in it, which could have serious long-term health effects. And a stressful commute can be worse for your body than PTSD. (Daily Mail / New York Post / CBS 2 - New York)

A guy in Washington says he got so obsessed with video games that he started neglecting his girlfriend. But she thought he was cheating on her . . . so earlier this month, she STABBED him with a SAMURAI SWORD. He survived, and now she's being held in jail for attempted murder. (Buzzfeed

Two guys robbed a house in Florida on Tuesday, then they left spaghetti sauce cooking on the stove to try to start a fire to cover their tracks. But the guy who lived there reported it, and when cops pulled over the robbers, they saw the empty jar of Ragu in their car and arrested them. (CBS 6 - Orlando

A guy in Florida recently gave his wife a pretty great gift for their 23rd anniversary. She'd been on dialysis for three years, and he gave her one of his KIDNEYS. (ABC News / Newsweek)

A new poll finds that about 75% of people say they have at least one friend who’s known for frequently employing the “Irish Goodbye,” leaving an evening without saying goodbye. I call it “sneaking out”. You can check out 5 Signs That Your Friend Has Given You The Irish Goodbye (Business Journal)


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