This Afternoon's Odd News 3/15/18

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According to a new survey, the ideal man-cave is in the basement, and has multiple TVs and plenty of beer. And 52% of guys said that ideally, their significant other would never come in. (Joybird)

39% of parents say they spend less than a HALF HOUR of quality time with their kids in a week, according to a new survey. And one in three parents say their kid has NOTICED and complained about it. (Daily Mail)

According to a new study, 26% of Americans say they're online, quote, "almost constantly." And another 43% check the Internet several times a day. (Pew Research Center)

A new study found that when restaurants offer a separate vegetarian section on their menu, it actually makes people MORE likely to order something that has meat in it. (Daily Mail)

Apparently, the hot new trend for women is to skip wearing an engagement ring . . . and instead, they're having the diamond implanted directly into the skin on their ring finger. (New York Post

Believe it or not, reusable CLOTH TOILET PAPER is becoming trendy. It's called "family cloth," and you use it . . . throw it in the hamper . . . wash it in the laundry . . . and then use it again. (Buzzfeed)

A boss at a power company in China forgot to turn off his video feed after a conference call last week . . . and his employees saw him being romantic with a female coworker. The employees who posted it on social media could be facing defamation charges as their boss is claiming the footage was DOCTORED and he's being framed. Right. (Daily Mirror)

Two guys in Florida were walking their dogs on Monday when the two dogs started fighting. Then the OWNERS started fighting. And one of them got arrested after he hit the other guy in the face with a "tennis ball launcher." (Full Story)

We knew this was probably coming, but apparently it's official now. Toys 'R' Us let its employees know it's going to sell or close ALL of its stores, because it just can't compete with sites like Amazon anymore. (Full Story)


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