This Afternoon's Odd News 3/14/18

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Today is March 14th . . . or 3/14 . . . also known as National Pi Day, because the number pi starts with 3.14. 55% of people say they'll celebrate . . . and there are actually a lot of chains giving discounts on pizza today. (National Today / Foodbeast(Here's a list of all the places offering discounts today.)

60% of millennials in a new survey say they're currently in a quarter-life crisis. And 53% of those people admit they're currently spending more than they earn. (Independent)

30% of people say they've already booked their summer vacation, according to a new survey. And another 11% say they're planning on doing it soon. (YouGov) 

A woman just tweeted about her passive-aggressive way of sticking it to guests who she doesn't like. She boils hot dogs . . . makes ice cubes out of the water . . . and then puts those ice cubes in their drinks. (Delish

A woman in Arizona drove intoxicated to her wedding on Monday . . . and she caused a three-car accident. So she was arrested . . . in her wedding dress. There's no word if she still went through with the wedding after she got out of jail. (People)

A guy in Alabama set a bulletin board on fire in the lobby of his apartment building on Sunday. He's facing an arson charge . . . but he says he was just trying to kill some COCKROACHES. (

A high schooler in Tennessee tried to text her friend a photo of herself in a dress the other day, but texted a random stranger by mistake. Then the guy who got it said he and his kids LOVED the dress, and people online found out one of his kids has leukemia. So now they've donated more than 40 GRAND to pay for his treatments. (NY Post / Daily Mail)

This story originally came out in 2016, but it's making the rounds again. A study found that taking a hot bath burns just as many calories as a 30-minute walk. (Full Story)

A 21-year-old guy in Minnesota was arrested on Saturday after he broke into someone's house and helped himself to their kids' chicken nuggets. (Full Story)

There's a startup working on a new embalming process that could preserve your brain for hundreds of years. So your entire consciousness could be uploaded to a computer simulation once the technology catches up, and you could live forever. But the catch is you have to be euthanized, and the process is, quote, "100% fatal." (Full Story)


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