This Afternoon's Odd News 3/13/18

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Americans will gamble approximately $10 BILLION on the NCAA tournament this year, according to a new study. And 97% of those bets are ILLEGAL. (PR Newswire)

The average employee will spend six hours at work distracted by basketball during the tournament, according to a new study. And the tournament should cost companies $2.3 BILLION in lost productivity this year(PR Newswire / Fox 32 - Chicago)

Here's the new viral trend: What if the last thing you texted is what goes on your TOMBSTONE? So now people are sharing their last text on Twitter to show just how EMBARRASSING it would be as their eternal legacy. (Mashable)

There's a bill in the California senate right now that would let people pick their OWN driver's license photo for an extra fee. It still has a long way to go before it could potentially become a law, though. (NBC 4 - Los Angeles)

A new study found babies don't hit peak cuteness until they're about six months old. So don't worry if your newborn looks like a weird little alien for a while. (Brock University)

A guy in California tried to steal a big GUMBALL MACHINE from an animal shelter in California on Friday . . . but the surveillance video shows he struggled big time, and he didn't notice the donation box full of CASH next to it. The cops are trying to track him down. (Sacramento Bee(Search "gumball bandit" on YouTube to see the video. Unfortunately it doesn't include the part where he slips on the gumballs.)

A photo of an 18-year-old waitress in Texas cutting a 78-year-old guy's food for him went viral last week. Then the president of Texas Southern University found out she's waiting tables to save up for college, and offered her a $16,000 scholarship. (CNN)

A woman from California is suing a parking garage in New York after an employee accidentally ran over her daughter's $85,000 violin. (Full Story)

A 25-year-old guy in India recently lost his left foot in a bus crash. And a photo of him in the hospital is going viral, because they used his severed foot as a PILLOW. (Full Story)

A university in Saskatchewan is investigating after a, quote, "significant" number of students were accused of cheating on an ETHICS exam. (Full Story)


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